National Painting Contest Rules for 2018 Edition


Established in 2004, the goal of the competition is to support and nurture creations in pictorial arts. A resounding success from the very start, the 15th edition is now launched. Artists can express themselves on the subject of their choice.


The jury will select twenty works from each category and will choose the 5 winners of the 15th competition from these works. Winners will be awarded the following prizes:

Open Theme:
  1st prize:   $2,000
  2nd prize:    $1,000
  3rd prize:    $750
  Honourable Mention:   $250

 **The 1st prize winner will receive, in addition to the prize money, a three-night stay in Charlevoix during the 2018 Festival.

Two honourable mentions will also be awarded by the jury, and art lovers will be invited to make known their preference by voting for their Darling.

Twenty works of the finalists will be on display at Carrefour culturel Paul-Médéric in Baie-Saint-Paul, from the beginning of September throughout the 28th edition of Rêves d'automne, Festival of painting, from September 21 to September 30, 2018.
1. Eligibility
This competition is open to all artists, as long as they meet entry requirements. A maximum of three works per artist can be submitted. Artwork submitted must be original and must have been produced within the last three years. The works must have been created by the artist. The following mediums are accepted: oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastels, graphite and mixed techniques. The registered work must not have won prizes or mentions in any other art competition. No artist’s copy, published material or work overseen by a teacher will be accepted. The original must be available upon request.
2. Deadline
The entry form, registration fee and printed photo will be accepted until March 30th, 2018.  Entries must not be postmarked later than this date.
3. Theme
During this 15th painting contest, artists can express themselves on the subject of their choice.
4. Dimensions
Original artwork dimensions must be at least 16 by 20 inches (40.64 by 50.8 centimetres) not framed or a minimal total surface of 320 square inches, and at most 30 by 36 inches (76,2 cm by 91,44 cm), or a maximal total surface of 1,080 square inches. 
5. Selection
All the submitted and eligible works will be judged by the 15th National Painting Contest jury. The jury's decision will be final and without appeal.
6. Use
Competition organizers reserve the right to use the images of the artworks submitted to promote the festival through whatever applications are deemed necessary. Therefore, the fact of entering confirms that the applicant accepts all the competition’s conditions of participation.
7. Shipping and insurance details
Expenses relative to insuring and transporting the works of the finalists (to be shown during the festival), will be at the candidates’ expense. The works must be adequately protected for transport with reusable packaging for forwarding.
8. Registration
To take part in the competition, the registration form must be filled in and accompanied by a photo printed on 8" X 10" photographic paper. A registration fee of $20 taxes included for each work submitted must accompany the form. A short Artist's Résumé and\or Art statement must be included. For the artists of Europe, you have to add $15 CAN to your expenses of registration.

Payment can be made by cheque dated the day of mailing (drawn up in the name of COFEC – Rêves d’automne), by Money Order or through VISA. To reduce processing, we are asking you to send us only one cheque, even if you are registering two or three works. The registration fee is not refundable.

No original or CD-ROM will be accepted, nor will any photo be returned.
Every photo must be clearly identified by a sticker on the reverse side containing:

  • artist name,
  • work title,
  • medium used,
  • work dimensions.

It is recommended to use a process of quality reproduction. Only the correctly identified printed matters will be accepted. We advise to the artists to avoid the too small photos which do not emphasize the works.

To obtain the registration form :

Finalists and winners will be announced at the beginning of the festival on September 21, 2018.



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