25th edition

SEPTEMBER 25th to OCTOBER 4th 2015


Couleurs sur le Monde

October 1, 2015
Rêves d'automne's 25th anniversary glows with a feeling of brotherhood in the arts ! 8 artists from Africa, Autralia, Spain, Peru, China, Colombia, France and Canada are poised to live a particularly inspiring intercultural experience in the arts ! Come meet them, and treat yourself to a singular journey by way of their creations.



Rêves d'automne Place
4 Ambroise-Fafard Street


10 am to 5 pm


Guest Artists

Cecile Bekolo Koe, Serge Brunoni , Pepe Madrid, Christine Nadeau, Fidel Ponce-Ccana, Janeth Rodriguez,  Marie-France Rose and Yu Xiaoyang,

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